Tame Your Bush In Just 8 Weeks

Say Goodbye To Shaving With The 1st truly painfree FDA-Approved At-Home Hair Removal Solution.

The Noodist Kit



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Results You Can Count On

Thousands of women have turned to Nood for a pain-free and affordable alternative to laser hair removal.

Hair Free in 1,2,3

The Revealer

Step 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin with The Revealer removes dead skin cells and makes it easier for the light from IPL to reach the melanin in your hair, leading to quicker and longer-lasting results.

The Flasher 2.0

Step 2: Flash

Flash away unwanted hair with the #1 at-home hair removal solution. The Flasher 2.0 uses patent-pending IPL technology to safely flash light through your skin, reaching the melanin in your hair and permanently removing unwanted hair in 8 weeks or less, guaranteed.

The Reviver

Step 3: Soothe

Soothe your skin after treatment to reduce redness and swelling with our aloe-vera featuring lavender and chamomile extracts. We formulated this aloe to protect your skin after treatments because well, you deserve it!

A Truly Pain-Free Experience

At A Price You Can Afford

Nood vs The Rest